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Machete-wielding man robs bar

PITTSBURGH — A man armed with a machete robbed a bar early Monday morning in Pittsburgh’s Brookline neighborhood, police said.

The robbery was reported shortly before 2 a.m. at Brook-line N Sinker on Brookline Boulevard.


Police said the machete-wielding man walked into the bar and demanded money. He then jumped over the counter, grabbed the cash register and ran away.

No injuries were reported, but according to witnesses, there were at least six customers inside when this happened.


An undisclosed amount of cash and other items from the register were later recovered, police said.

One person was detained for questioning, but no arrests have been made, police said.

Some community members fear that the robber is still on the loose with a machete.

"Frightening. That's frightening and can do some real damage with a machete. Real damage to a person. Thank goodness no one was hurt," resident Walt Tambellini said.