Man charged in South Side Flats shooting that left man critically injured

PITTSBURGH — Police say Julyan Richards is the person who shot a man in the Southside Flats over the weekend.

The incident happened outside of Walker’s Pub.

The man who was shot is in critical condition.

Ring doorbell video shows Richards walking by the camera after the shooting, followed by people screaming. Moments later, emergency vehicles arrived at the scene.

Jesse Zampelli lives a few doors down from where the man was shot.

”I was lying in bed, and my bedroom is in the front of the house. I heard what sounded like a gunshot. Two minutes later, I heard ambulances and police cars,” she said.

According to police, after the shooting, Richards got rid of his cellphone and gun, then walked to East Carson Street.

Investigators say he told a bouncer at a nearby bar that he shot a man and was turning himself in. Not long after, he was arrested.

Even though Richards is behind bars, people who live in the Southside are concerned.

”Every time I have to tell my mom about another shooting that happened down the street, it’s like she doesn’t want me being here. Unfortunately, I go to school here, and I can’t do anything about where I live. I’m stuck here for the next two years,” Duquesne student Danielle Batz told Channel 11.Back in November, we told you about a stabbing that also happened outside of Walker’s Pub. According to Pittsburgh Police, there have not been any complaints about the bar.

So far, investigators haven’t released a motive for the shooting.