• Man charged with driving car through crowd of protesters a local councilman


    PITTSBURGH - Police have charged the alleged driver of a car that went through a crowd of Antwon Rose protesters outside PNC Park last week.

    Gregory Wagner, 58, of Sewickley, is charged with recklessly endangering another person and summary offenses of driving the wrong way and careless driving.

    Channel 11's Michele Newell confirmed with the mayor of Bell Acres that Wagner is a recently elected borough councilman.

    According to the criminal complaint, police used eyewitness accounts and video from that night to help them track down the driver.

    "Protesters were angered as they struck the vehicle, screaming that it struck several protesters," the criminal complaint reads. "The vehicle turned left onto Tony Dorsett Drive through the crowd, pushing protesters out of its path."


    No one was seriously hurt.

    Police were able to get the license plate of the Mercedes-Benz, which they say led them to Wagner.

    According to police, when they photographed the vehicle, "It had dent scratches around the length of its entire body and the rear windshield was smashed inward and the Mercedes hood ornament was forcibly torn."

    Sewickley Academy, where Wagner volunteered with the Middle School Lacrosse program, said the following on a Facebook post: 

    Wagner is due in court next week.



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