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Man charged with threatening local Planned Parenthood office

PITTSBURGH — A West Virginia man is facing charges after police say he threatened a Planned Parenthood office in Pittsburgh.

According to police, the threats were made on Facebook and terrorized employees at the downtown location.

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Normal operations were altered and officers were also brought in for security.

The threats were made against the people who work at the Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania in downtown Pittsburgh.

Police have arrested Joseph Jackson of Harrisville, West Virginia after his sister contacted Planned Parenthood.


In the Facebook post, Jackson said his girlfriend got an abortion against his wishes.

He also wrote:

“I know 5 houses I can go to and steal an AR 15.”

“I did my research and I found out what clinicians aborted my child and I know where they live.”

“I wonder if I will get the proper treatment after this. It's time murderers pay for being murders.”

In another post still online from March 9, Jackson posted pictures of Pittsburgh and Planned Parenthood, saying "he had made it" and "it was time to find the doctors."


A spokeswoman from Planned Parenthood told Channel 11 that when they were alerted, they took every possible security precaution.

She said staff and patients were all safe and grateful for the support from the community and especially those in law enforcement.

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Jackson also wrote that the loss of his child forced him to obsess over singer Taylor Swift and that “she was the only one that could calm the monster inside of me when I lost my child” and that he was "Arrested in 2013 when I went to her Pittsburgh concert in an attempt to stop the Illuminati from hurting her.