Man hurt when dozens of shots fired during large block party in Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH — A block party in Pittsburgh ended in chaos when dozens of shots were fired, sending hundreds of people looking for cover.

Around 300 to 500 people were at the block party on Perry Street and Wylie Avenue in the Hill District when about 40 shots were fired, police said.

Officers responded to reports of an active shooter. SWAT operators and EMS were also called to the scene.

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Police searched the area, but didn’t find any victims. A man showed up at a local hospital with a gunshot wound to his arm. His condition has not been released.

“I help clean up every time they have a little event. That way there’s not a bunch of ruckus. You know, people complaining about trash and stuff everywhere,” Charles Paris said.

People living nearby got out the trash bags and rakes early Sunday, cleaning up the cups, bottles and broken glass left behind from the party.

“The Hill District is not the Hill District that I grew up with. It’s a war zone. It’s sad,” Sharon Lucas said. “I just heard three gunshots and I got down on the floor as best I could because my bedroom is close to the street.”

A person was taken into custody, but was questioned and released.

Police said they are aware of a number of complaints about large block parties taking place during the pandemic. A spokesperson said the department has not received any permits for any such events and “they have been generally quite large in terms of turnout.” The department is working to reach out to community leaders about the events “which are leading to too many complaints.”