Man licks food at local Sheetz on Thanksgiving while on Facebook Live

Man licks food at local Sheetz on Thanksgiving while on Facebook Live

ALLEGHENY CO., Pa. — A local police department is investigating a pretty repulsive incident that happened at Sheetz on Thanksgiving Day.

A man allegedly licked food at the Wilkins Township Sheetz as he was on Facebook Live.

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In the video, the man is seen licking food and drinking beverages before putting them back.

It’s something a former Sheetz employee said he never saw when he worked there.

“It’s unsafe. There’s kids that go in there,” said Thomas Bechtell. “They want ice cream and then they’re gonna get sick in like a week. He should never be allowed in Sheetz again.”

Sheetz officials issued the following statement regarding the investigation:

“We are aware of the incident at the Sheetz on William Penn Highway. Sheetz’s top priority is the health and well-being of our customers and employees, which includes ensuring the safety and integrity of the food and beverages we serve. All food and beverages opened by the perpetrator were disposed of immediately. Furthermore, Sheetz is fully cooperating with the Wilkins Township Police department, who will determine charges in this matter.”
Nick Ruffner, Public Relations Manager

These kinds of incidents are becoming all too common.

Another woman in Texas was seen in a video posted on Twitter grabbing ice cream from a store, licking it and putting it back.

“These things are viral, and people think it’s funny, but it’s very… it’s a big health risk,” said Denise Baker, a family nurse practitioner. “There’s several viruses that are transmitted through droplets of saliva. One being mono another one is influenza.”

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