Man takes advantage of 90-year-old store owner, makes off with thousands of dollars in model trains

MILLVALE, Pa. — Police in three different communities are looking for someone who they think is responsible for stealing from small businesses and investigators believe they have the clues that will lead them to a suspect.

“He’s going to be caught, no question about it. It’s just a question of time,” Bill Mahler said.

Does anyone recognize this A-Hole? Please contact us if so, and share the hell out of his photo!

Posted by Esthers Hobby on Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Mahler owns Esther’s Hobby in Millvale. It’s been open for nearly 85 years. He finds himself in the middle of a police investigation after thousands of dollars worth of items were stolen from his business.

“Train sets. Locomotives. Whatever he could put under his arm and carry out the door,” Mahler said.

The day of the theft, the shop’s alarm system wasn’t working properly. His cameras, however, caught the man in the act. Millvale police said this robbery is likely connected to another theft in the city and a separate one in Heidelberg.

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An antique mall there was targeted by a thief who was also caught on surveillance video.

If you have any idea who this man might be, you’re asked to call police.