Owners of antique store left wondering why they were targeted

Owners of antique store left wondering why they were targeted

HEIDELBERG, Pa. — The family who owns an antique store in Heidelberg is scratching their heads after they were targeted by a thief.

Surveillance video captured the man inside their store last weekend. The owners told Channel 11 he walked around for a few hours before taking off with several items.

He asked me to pull an item out of the case in the back, then he quickly ushered to the front of the store and asked my daughter to get a box," said Rachael Blank, the store’s owner. “When she went to go get the box he ran out the door.”

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Blank said inside the box was $600 worth of antique items, including trains and pictures.

“We know there are other local businesses that are also just trying to make ends meet and get through this in a tough time,” she said.

The store has been around for almost 35 years and is owned by Blank’s mother, who is in a nursing home.

“Every dime that we make goes to pay for my mom’s care. We volunteer our time, me and my sister,” Blank said.

The day the store was robbed was the first time they had been open since the pandemic started.

Looking back at the day of the theft, Blank admits there were red flags.

“I heard some locks jingling. When you’ve been in the business, you hear that and you check in and he had an excuse. It was suspicious,” Blank said. “We were having such a wonderful day and we were so excited to see our customers after such a long time. We were busy helping people. Maybe it didn’t hit me.”

Now, she’s hoping by speaking out, other businesses will be on the lookout.

“That’s why I wanted to meet with you because if we can help another small business, then it will be worth it,” Blank said.

Heidelberg police said they are now investigating.

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