Horses removed from property in McCandless after abuse reports

Horses removed from property in McCandless after abuse reports

MCCANDLESS, Pa. — Humane officers rescued horses from a McCandless barn Wednesday.

State humane agents led two horses, both appearing very weak, down the driveway of the barn off of Thompson Run Road.

For anyone familiar with the area, the rescue happened at the area below shown on

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The horses, which walked very slowly, were given food and water. Their conditions were assessed by officials from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

Their living conditions at the property are under investigation, too.

This is all happening after neighbors called police to report malnourished and  neglected horses.

Channel 11 has confirmed that investigators did find the remains of one horse a few days ago, and officials said conditions inside the barn were cause for concern, but no charges have been filed against the property owner.


Neighbors said they have been reporting conditions there for quite some time.

Police in McCandless are investigating.

They are not confirming charges against the horses' owner.

Everything humane agents saw on the property will be turned over to the district attorney's office for review.