Pittsburgh police prepare for extended shifts starting this weekend

More than 800 police officers trained to prepare for Rosfeld verdict

PITTSBURGH — Officers with the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police will begin working extended shifts.

Chris Togneri, public information officer for Pittsburgh Public Safety, said officers will begin working 12-hour shifts on Saturday.

The trial of Michael Rosfeld began Tuesday, and could conclude shortly. The prosecution rested their case at lunchtime Thursday, and Rosfeld took the stand in his own defense shortly thereafter.

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"This move has been made to ensure that a) we have enough officers Downtown to maintain public safety for all, and b) to ensure that every zone and every neighborhood in the city continues to have police coverage," Togneri said.

When jury selection began, a spokesperson told Channel 11 Public Safety is preparing for all possibilities with Rosfeld's trial, including a repeat of what happened last summer: thousands of people protesting outside of the courthouse and across Pittsburgh.

A police spokesperson said the preparations are for "...inconveniences similar to what Pittsburgh experienced last summer."

Protests happened all over the area, from Market Square to shutting down the Parkway.

Because of that, the city of Pittsburgh announced new guidelines for demonstrations. Protestors cannot:

  • Block hospitals, tunnels or bridges
  • Shut down important intersections at any time
  • Certain intersections during morning and evening rush hours

Channel 11 will continue to monitor developments in Rosfeld's trial as well as police