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Eagle missing from Pittsburgh’s National Aviary found safe in Pine Township

PITTSBURGH — Kodiak the Stellar’s Sea Eagle has been found and is back safe at the National Aviary on Pittsburgh’s North Side.

Kodiak was spotted at a home in Pine Township on Sunday, according to Aviary officials. Using professional falconry techniques and equipment, a team was able to safely capture Kody and take him back to the facility.

After examining him, veterinarians determined he was in “excellent health and body condition.”

Officials said the bird is now resting comfortably in a behind-the-scenes area of the Aviary and is enjoying meals of fresh meat.

“It’s one of the most stressful weeks of my life, trying to support the team and you know having the operations become completely up ended because of this highly unusual circumstance,” said aviary executive director Cheryl Tracy.

Monday afternoon, the National Aviary shared this photo of Kody back in his habitat.

Kodiak went missing on Saturday, Sept. 25 after officials said he flew through weakened chain netting around his habitat.

“We are going to put in new mesh where the old mesh was. This is braided steel. This is metal that we’re talking about in these habitats. And then we’re going to actually add a second layer on so if something did happen to the first layer, then we have a secondary protection on it,” said Director of Animal Programs and Experiences Cathy Schlott.

The facility will be open again to the public starting Thursday.