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Mother admits to hiding baby’s body inside wall of home in Washington County, police say

CHARLEROI, Pa. — Neighbors are stunned after getting word about what 25-year-old mom Kylie Wilt allegedly did to her baby boy inside of her Charleroi home.

“How could you do that?” said Robert Shulnes, her Charleroi neighbor.

Wilt is facing several charges including concealing the death of her child and abuse of a corpse.

Her boyfriend and the child’s father, Alan Hollis, is charged with obstruction.

The Washington County DA says Wilt admitted to hiding her baby’s body in the wall of their Lookout Avenue home — placing the body in a crate, cutting a hole in the wall, covering the body with blankets, and replacing the hole with drywall and painting over it.

“It’s sick. It’s sick. Somethings wrong with her. It’s sick!” said an unnamed neighbor.

According to investigators, CYS came to her home Thursday to ask where the one-year-old baby was, but she claimed he was in North Carolina being watched by someone else.

Police reported she then changed her story and told investigators her 5-month-old baby died in February of SIDS at their former home on Upper Crest Avenue.

The criminal complaint states she became nervous.

She then told police she previously kept the baby in a crate stored in their laundry room.

One neighbor told Channel 11 she used to hear the baby crying every night at their former Upper Crest Avenue home.

Then one night there was silence, and they never saw or heard the baby ever again.

The family packed up and moved out overnight shortly after, she reports.

Wilt eventually admitted to bringing the body when she, Hollis and their three children moved to their new home a few blocks away on Lookout Avenue.

Police then discovered the crate and baby’s remains in the wall.

“There was discoloration, different color of paint obviously it looked like drywall was cut out and a section was replaced in a bedroom,” Said Washington County District Attorney Jason Walsh.

When police asked Wilt why she did this to the baby, she told them she didn’t have enough money for a funeral.

CYS has been investigating for months ever since the baby was born with THC in his system.

Hollis is being held at SCI Greene, and Wilt is at the Washington County Jail.

No court date has been set for their preliminary hearings.

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