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No charges to be filed in shooting in city of Washington

WASHINGTON, Pa. — Officials with the Washington County District Attorney’s Office announced Tuesday that no charges would be filed in a shooting in Washington on Sept. 1, citing self-defense.

The incident occurred in the 100 block of West Walnut Street, Washington, at about 12:10 p.m. Sept. 1.

Police said Leonard Wayne Williams Jr., 36, of Washington, was shot.

Officials said Tuesday that the shooter was the landlord of the home, and had gone to the location to post an eviction notice. That is when an argument occurred with Williams, and witnesses reported that Williams followed the man to his car and threatened him while opening and slamming the door of the vehicle.

That is when the man fired a single shot, officials said, in fear for his life. All evidence suggests and shows Williams was the aggressor and pursued the man into his vehicle and the man fired in self defense, officials said.

Williams’ family previously disputed that claim, saying Williams, who was an Air Force veteran and single father, was shot in front of his children after the man went to his car to retrieve his gun and came back to shoot Williams who had his hands in the air.

His family was shocked and angered by the decision made in court.

“How are you saying its self defense? If this man had time to get in his vehicle and get his gun he had time to start his vehicle and drive away. There’s no need to pull a gun and shoot a man 10 feet way cause you’re scared for your life. Start your engine and drive off,” Williams’ sister-in-law, Nicole Grayson explained.

Williams did not have a weapon, officials said.

“Now the kids have to live knowing they’re not getting justice for their dad. And that’s the only parent they had. And he raised them kids,” his niece Kiona Campbell said.