Pa. FedEx driver throws packages into ditch after marking them ‘delivered,’ police say

MERCER CO., Pa. — Charges are pending after police said a FedEx driver was spotted throwing peoples’ packages into a ditch in Mercer County after marking them as “delivered.”

According to a release from state police, a witness saw a man in a FedEx uniform throwing packages from a Penske truck into a ditch along Horvath Road around 2:30 p.m. Saturday.

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When that witness confronted the driver, he told the witness that he would pick up the packages but then drove off without them, police said.

Those packages were eventually recovered and taken to a local police station before being returned to FedEx for future delivery.

Based on the tracking numbers scanned from the packages left in the ditch, police said the driver had indicated they had already been delivered to customers’ porches before he dumped them.

According to investigators, the driver has been identified as a contracted FedEx truck driver and charges are pending a final total of the value of all of those packages.

Police said the affected customers were in the Hermitage area.