• Parents claim bus driver 'brake-checked' kids for being rowdy


    A group of parents in Butler County claims their kids flew out of school bus seats when a bus driver made a dangerous move.

    Channel 11 contacted the Butler Area School District superintendent, who said he demanded that bus driver be removed for allegedly putting kids in danger.  

    "As a result, the district has requested that Valley Lines remove the driver from all Butler Area School District transportation routes, effective immediately," said parent Jessica Johns.

    That swift action came after complaints of a school bus driver putting kids in danger.


    Students on Bus 54 were sent home with a letter Wednesday night.

    "They handled it professionally, quickly and they calmed all the parents down," said parent Melissa Rankin. "A couple kids were arguing, swearing at each other, fighting."

    Parents explained what happened on the ride home Tuesday night.

    "The bus driver, instead of pulling over to the side of the road, as he was crossing Main Street, slammed on his brakes and all the kids went flying out of their seats," Rankin said. "He could have just been having a bad day, I'm not sure, but I put my kid's life in their hands and I expect it to be handled the way I would handle it."


    "I was pretty angry because I kind of trust the bus driver to get your kids to and from school safely," Johns said.

    The superintendent sent Channel 11 a statement: "The District launched an investigation, which revealed that a bus driver acted in a manner that is not in accordance with the standards held by the Butler Area School District."

    Channel 11 contacted the bus company for comment, but we have not yet heard back.



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