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Parents say son falsely accused of sexual assault still being harassed

ZELIENOPLE, Pa. — A couple who say their son suffered after five girls falsely accused him of sexual assault said the teen is still being harassed online.

The parents' attorney says the boy was subjected to numerous court appearances and was harassed, even after the girls allegedly admitted their story was false.

"Everyone has engaged in what I term 'reverse discrimination' against him," said Craig Fishman.


The teen known in court documents as TF no longer attends classes in the Seneca Valley School District after, according to court documents, five girls falsely accused him of sexual assault.

A lawsuit filed against those girls' parents, the school district and the Butler County District Attorney's Office alleges the girls made up their stories about TF and that the school and DA mishandled the case.

"I sympathize and empathize with victims of sexual assault to come forward and report their attackers. They are victims and they deserve justice," Fishman said. "But if someone makes a false report and ruins someone else's life, that woman needs to be dealt with by the law in an appropriate manner, and that was not done here."

The family says the boy, who is now being homeschooled, has sought medical attention over the matter.