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Auditor general says not enough gas tax income is being used for bridge repair

PITTSBURGH — A new audit from the state auditor general says billions of dollars are being generated by the Pennsylvania gas tax, but it isn’t all being used to fix roads and bridges.

Pennsylvania has the highest gas tax in the country. While some of it has been used to repair structurally deficient bridges, the money is also being used to pay for state police patrols.

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“If PennDOT could use all that gas tax money for roads and bridges, we could get the number of structurally deficient bridges close to zero in about five years,” Auditor General Eugene Depasquale said.

During the past six years, state police have received $4.2 billion form the Motor License Fund, money generated by the 57.6 cents per gallon gas tax.


“You are paying an extra $5.76 every ten gallons. Pennsylvanians are admittedly frustrated that our roads and bridges aren't getting the necessary repairs they need,” he said.

PennDOT secretary Leslie Richards says the revenue is critical to deal not only with deficient bridges but other recent issues that have plagued western Pennsylvania,  such as landslides and flooding. She also called on the federal government to contribute more.