Pennsylvania Lottery now offering ticket sales online

Pennsylvania Lottery now offering ticket sales online

Pennsylvania Lottery Powerball and Mega Millions tickets will now be able to be bought online.

Lottery officials announced Friday that tickets will be available for purchase through the iLottery platform at

Many of the same features available at lottery retailers will be offered online. Players will be able to choose their own numbers or select the “quick pick” option to get randomly selected numbers.

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Players will also be able to buy multiple tickets and make purchases up to 26 drawings, or 13 weeks, in advance.

In order to buy tickets online, players need to sign up for an iLottery account and deposit funds.

“By law, online lottery players must be physically located in the state of Pennsylvania to play for money and win prizes,” Pennsylvania Lottery Executive Director Drew Svitko said.

“We do have a lot of regular lottery customers who come in and say ‘Let me get a snack or a sandwich’ with it,” said Danielle Vybiral.

Vybiral works at a convenience store that sells lottery tickets.

While the announcement might make it easier to buy the tickets, it isn’t exactly a jackpot for retailers.

“The big bonuses if someone were to win, we’d be missing out on. We don’t expect it, but it’s a possibility and that could take away from winning that,” she said.

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