Mysterious packages: It’s not just seeds that people in Western Pa. are receiving in the mail from China

It's not just mystery seeds sent from China popping up all over the country.

Scammers are also sending mystery packages as well.

A Channel 11 viewer sent us this video and pictures of a box of face masks, which she didn't order, from China that was sent to her house.

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“It’s important to keep in mind that because someone was able to have those items sent to you as if you purchased them, it’s means they have access to some of your personal information,” said Caitlin Driscoll, public relations director at the Better Business Bureau of western Pennsylvania.

Driscoll said her office had seen reports of things like hand warmers, Bluetooth speakers, wooden boxes and pet products sent to homes of people who didn’t order those items.

“The Better Business Bureau is warning people to be aware of these brushing scams that are not only being reported locally but also all over the country,” Driscoll said.

She said scammers are at work in a couple of ways.

Overseas companies or third-party sellers are finding your information online, sending you the packages and writing a fake positive review online about their company, which could help their bottom line.

Thieves will also have items delivered to your house and then wait for the delivery just so they can steal it off your porch.

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“According to the Federal Trade Commission, you have a legal right to keep unordered merchandise, so you can ignore any official-looking invoices you potentially might receive or high-pressure tactics, phone calls or follow-up where scammers may try to get you to pay for unordered merchandise as well,” Driscoll said.

If this happens to you, change all your passwords on your accounts.

And keep an eye on your credit report and bank statements for any fraudulent activity.