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Pittsburgh company’s possible treatment for COVID-19 moves to clinical trial

PITTSBURGH — A Pittsburgh company is working on a treatment for COVID-19 and if fully approved, it could be a game-changer.

CytoAgents Incorporated announced a partnership with a pharmaceutical manufacturer in England allowing them to bring their treatment to for viral illnesses, like the coronavirus, to clinical trials.

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The drug doesn’t directly cure the coronavirus, but it addresses an underlying illness caused by COVID-19 which triggers an inflammation that leads to respiratory distress.

Experts say the drug will basically boost and fine-tune the immune system, which is key as we hear about more and more people experiencing respiratory issues.

The company’s CEO says it’s more important than ever especially for the patients and the front line workers.

“We can’t thank our health care workers enough for all that they do and obviously this has been catastrophic to the world so playing a small part in this that could potentially be a very big part like you said a game-changer is extremely motivating,” Teresa Whalen, RPh, CEO of CytoAgents Incorporated said.

Company officials said this drug can last on the shelf for years and if needed can be stockpiled and used for a while.

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