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Pittsburgh doctor does not take insurance and charges $35 per visit

PITTSBURGH — iHealth Clinic is the first of its kind in Pittsburgh.

The medical facility in East Liberty is cutting the cord on insurance and only charges patients a flat fee.

iHealth Clinic's services include treating chronic conditions, chronic injuries and skin conditions, as well as physicals and wellness, women's health, men's health and mental health.

The clinic also accepts walk-ins, and Dr. Timothy Wong is the only person you will see at the clinic.

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A quick check-in process at an iPad kiosk, and then it's off to the exam room. It is an easier process than visiting most doctors' offices and emergency rooms.

"I find that this way is a different way of practicing medicine that's more efficient because I don't need a billing department, I don't need collection," Wong said. "I don't need a clearing house to send my bill to insurance."

At iHealth, the price per visit is $35, and there are no co-pays, deductibles or coinsurance fees.

This chart is on the iHealth clinic website to show their charges vs. what you're likely to pay with insurance:

  Primary Care Provider iHealth Clinic
Average cost with insurance $106 $35
Average cost without insurance $128 $35
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