Former Pittsburgh prison being sold for $1

Former Pittsburgh prison being sold for $1

PITTSBURGH — A former prison located in Pittsburgh's Marshall-Shadeland neighborhood is being sold for $1.

The prison sits on 22 acres of land along the Ohio River, right down the street from the Esplenade, another big development project. It has been sold to the Manchester Craftmans Guild and Bidwell Training Center, which are non-profits that provide adult career training.

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Their representatives told Channel 11 this was the beginning planning stages and the sales agreement allows them to study the property.

Pittsburgh City Councilwoman Darlene Harris, who represents the North Side, said many people who live in the area have been asking her questions about the property that she is unable to answer. She only found out about the sales agreement on Friday night.

Harris said there were no community hearings about the sale, which is concerning to her.


State representatives who represent the area also did not know any details about the sale, according to Harris.

The Pennsylvania Department of General Services provided the following statement:

"Whenever the commonwealth looks to sell surplus property, we always make an effort to find a buyer who has the best interests of the local community in mind. In the case of SCI Pittsburgh, we are pleased to have found a community partner with the reputation and track record that Manchester Bidwell has in Pittsburgh. The company has a signed agreement of sale that will be finalized pending the presentation and approval of legislation authorizing the sale. Based on environmental studies conducted on the property, it is in the commonwealth's best interest to convey the property for $1. In the meantime, Manchester Bidwell is conducting additional studies on the property as it develops a plan for the facility's use to further the company's efforts to improve the quality of life in the Pittsburgh Area. We look forward to working with Manchester Bidwell and all of our stakeholders as the process of bringing this facility back into operation takes place."