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Antonio Brown guilty, no-show at speeding trial

ROSS TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown was found guilty of reckless driving after not showing up at his speeding trial Tuesday.

Brown's trial was scheduled to begin at 8:30 a.m. Channel 11 spoke to his attorney on the way into the courtroom and he seemed under the impression Brown would show.

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When Brown didn't appear by 9 a.m. the judge found him guilty in absence.  Brown's attorney walked out of the courtroom alone and did not want to provide a statement.

It's been a headline year for Brown, but not necessarily for what the superstar did on the field.

After allegedly throwing furniture off the balcony of his Miami-area apartment and before being revealed as a contestant on 'The Masked Singer,' Brown was cited for allegedly driving more than 100 mph on McKnight Road in Ross Township.

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Police said Brown was heading southbound on Nov. 8, the day of the team's Thursday Night Football tilt against the Carolina Panthers when he was stopped near the I-279 interchange.


A Ross Township police officer was stationed near the Babcock overpass looking for a possible suspect from a bank robbery at the WesBanco in McCandless Crossing, police said.

Brown pleaded not guilty in December.

The penalty for reckless driving, which is a summary offense, carries maximum penalties of 90 days in jail, a $200 fine and a six-month license suspension.

Brown and his attorney will have the option to appeal.