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Pittsburgh Zoo announces new clouded leopard cub

PITTSBURGH — The Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium have announced a new, 1-month-old clouded leopard cub.

PHOTOS: Baby clouded leopard debuts at Pittsburgh Zoo

Zoo officials said Saya, the mom, gave birth to two cubs, but unfortunately one died shortly after birth.

Saya remained attentive to her remaining cub by nursing and grooming her.

The zoo said while staff monitored Saya and her cub, they noticed the cub wasn't nursing on her own. Keepers and staff decided to step in after more than 12 hours without the cub nursing.


After a veterinary team conducted various tests, the team made the decision to bottle-feed the cub several times a day with  a  mammal milk supplement containing vitamins and minerals to spur growth and weight gain.

Zoo officials said keepers and staff will continue to care for her at the Animal Care Center.

According to a release, clouded leopards are listed as endangered, with fewer than 10,000 left in the wild.