• Plum Borough delays start of school year due to 'air quality concerns'


    PLUM, Pa. - Administrators with the Plum Borough School District have made the decision to delay the start of the school year because of air quality concerns.

    According to the district's website, problems were found in both Plum High School and Oblock Junior High School.

    We recognize this will be an inconvenience and appreciate your patience, but the Plum Borough School District will always place the safety of our students and staff as its number one priority.

    The new start date for students will be Sept. 4. 

    On Friday, the district learned there was mold in three rooms in the high school. Kids or teachers with asthma or allergies could be affected by it.


    They remediated the rooms, cleaned them and had them tested. The tests came back with elevated levels, so they tested 26 additional areas throughout the rest of the building. 

    Some of the areas came back a little elevated, again, but not at dangerous levels.

    As of now, there are six specific areas in the high school that still need to be addressed. 



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