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Police: Grandmother, mother overdose on heroin while watching children

PITTSBURGH — Pittsburgh police are investigating after they say a mother and grandmother overdosed on heroin while they were supposed to be watching children.

Kristin Garrett, 32, and Janet Garrett, 72, are charged with two counts of endangering the welfare of children and two counts of recklessly endangering another person.

Police say Kristin's 10-year-old son, who was with his 4-year-old sister, called 911 after he found his mom and grandma unresponsive on the living room floor. They had been left alone for at least a half hour after their mother and grandmother overdosed, according to police.


"Those poor babies," said neighbor Jeff Killmeyer. "It's a shame and how are those babies going to grow up when they don't have anybody to look up to?"

According to the criminal complaint, "They (the children) tried to wake both of them up by yelling their names and shaking them. The 10-year-old child then ran to the neighbor’s house to call 911."

"How would you ever get over that memory?" asked neighbor Nicole Myers. "That'd be just something you carry the rest of your life."

Emergency officials say it took three doses of Narcan to bring the Garretts back.

Police paperwork states Kristin, the mother of the children, regained consciousness and “pulled out four empty stamp bags marked ‘stolen’ in red ink from her left front pocket."

The children are now in their father's custody, and CYS is investigating.