• Police investigating whether series of break-ins in multiple communities are connected


    CARNEGIE, Pa. - Two local communities were hit hard this weekend by thieves who were evidently looking to steal anything of value. What they missed were the surveillance cameras recording them.

    Police in Carnegie told Channel 11 the person who broke into the vehicles left a big clue behind.

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    "You can’t really make out the face, but you see the image and see how he walks and his build and all of that," said Paul Figura, whose surveillance system recorded the man.

    According to police, the man targeted several unlocked cars in the Rosslyn Heights neighborhood, including Figura's wife's car.


    "He went through my wife’s car and pulled everything out of the glove box and threw everything on the seat," he said.

    Detectives said they were led to more victims by following footprints that the man left behind.

    "While the officers were there, they noticed footprints in the snow, so that led to other vehicles, and when they inspected the other cars some of the contents of the glove box were gone through," said Detective Dennis Lawrence with the Carnegie Police Department. "The one you can see him pulling on the handle but it was locked so he went to the next one and it was unlocked, so it was ransacked a little."

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    Lawrence told Channel 11 wallets, cash and small items were taken.

    Across town in Millvale, officers are also investigating a series of car break-ins. 

    Police told Channel 11 it's unlikely the crimes are related.




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