• Police: Man flees when he hears call for his arrest on sexual assault charges


    SHARPSBURG, Pa. - A man went to court minutes after committing a vicious crime and according to police, he heard his name on the police scanner, then took off and led officers on a chase.

    The woman told Channel 11 she's living in fear after a man she knew allegedly sneaked into her Sharpsburg home and terrorized her after she had just dropped her son off at the bus stop.

    "When I came down, he jumped out of the laundry room, put a gun to my head and asked for sexual favors," the woman said.

    She asked Channel 11 to hide her identity, but she tells us she feels lucky to be alive after what she went through Wednesday.


    "The only thing I could think about was don't hurt my dog. I didn't even think about me. I think about my son."

    She told Channel 11 she then ran to a home nearby for help, where she called 911.

    Police sources told Channel 11 that Clarence Wade is responsible and was actually set to face a Sharpsburg judge Wednesday morning on separate charges for fleeing and eluding police.

    "He had a court hearing and when I called 911 I told them, I said, 'He's at court now. Go get him.' And I guess he tried to run," the woman said.

    Sources told Channel 11 that Wade heard the call come in over the police officers' radios at the magistrate's office and he immediately panicked.

    He didn't make it far along Main Street before Allegheny County police caught up to him. 

    "He was telling me, 'promise me you won't tell anybody.' He didn't think I was gonna tell anybody," the woman said. "I wanna tell everybody how he is."

    Wade is facing several charges, including involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, burglary and aggravated assault.



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