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Police investigate shooting at Pittsburgh’s Highland Park Pool

PITTSBURGH — Police and paramedics are investigating a shooting at the Highland Park Pool.

Police sources tell Channel 11 that it started as a fight. A woman was reportedly choked, but no one was hit by the gunfire.

A witness said she watched a man start shooting toward the pool area from outside the fence.

“It sounded like three gunshots. Pop, pop, pop,” said Greg Brown.

Brown lives near the pool and has been swimming there for years. He said with other local pools closed, more people have been showing up to the one in Highland Park. He never expected something like this to happen, though.

“Then you saw the people running away from the noise, screaming, one of them was lifeguard,” Brown said.

He said the shots rang out around 4 p.m. and then the alleged shooter drove off while the pool’s lifeguards worked to get people to safety.

“It’s a shame these young people have a disregard for life but it’s reality. I’m not going to stop living. I’ll be back,” Brown said.