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Pot for pets? Does it work?

PITTSBURGH — Pet owners in the Pittsburgh area are starting to look into alternative treatments for their pet ailments, including marijuana.

Channel 11 caught up with a pet owner from Hot Metal Flats. She told us she started using CBD oil two months ago, to treat her dog's seizures.

CBD oil is a cannabis compound. It derives from the same plant used to make marijuana, but has low or no levels of THC. Advocates say it helps treat anxiety and muscle pain in pets and humans and can help with epilepsy seizures.

Heather Chelkis says she turned to the oil, after her new dog gave her a big scare.


"I was talking to another woman and he just hit the ground and collapsed," Chelkis said. "I thought he had passed out."

She looked at regular medication options, then turned to an alternative solution.

Right now, marijuana is still classified as a dangerous drug in the United States.