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Roads caked with mud after flooding in Sharpsburg

SHARPSBURG, Pa. — Homes and businesses in Sharpsburg filled with water Monday night as floodwaters swept through the borough.

Main Street and several back roads and parking lots were left caked with several inches of mud when the water receded. Some areas of standing water remained Tuesday morning and officials urged people not to attempt to cross the water.

Sharpsburg Mayor Matthew Rudzki said the water level outside the fire department was between 4 and 5 feet at the height of the flooding. He said it’s the worst flooding the community has dealt with since the remnants of Hurricane Ivan in 2004.


Crews from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Etna, Millvale and Shaler were out Tuesday to help Sharpsburg clean up.

“To clean up a mess like this you gotta push the mud. Our road crews are putting it into one of our dumps, then we need to get PennDOT’s machine that basically blows water then sucks it up,” Rudzki said.


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