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Fired police officer to get job back following arbitration

PITTSBURGH — A fired Pittsburgh police officer has been ordered back onto the force after being found not guilty in a road rage incident.

Target 11 has confirmed that an arbitrator ruled Officer Robert Kramer be reinstated with back pay and benefits.

Kramer was fired two years ago after allegedly pointing a gun at a civilian during a road rage incident.

He denied the charges and the case went to trial.


“There are some very serious questions about whether or not he would be able to testify if he's back on the streets and a crime were to be committed given the fact of his testimony in this case. So we can't deny that he will have his job back, but we can work to make sure that his duties are limited,” Peduto said.

Fraternal Order of Police president Bob Swartzwelder took issue with the mayor’s comments, saying both a jury and an arbitrator found him to be credible.

“The FOP always believed officer Kramer's credibility and in spite of his arduous ordeal we are pleased with the result,” he said in a statement.

An internal investigation into Kramer's case found the lead officer, Detective Ed Green, violated the photo lineup policy and lied about the search warrant. It’s unclear if he will face discipline for this.

“We have had detailed conversations in the past on this case. But, given the new information and Officer Kramer’s decision made by the arbitration, that will be a conversation I have with the chief and the public safety director and the law department,” Peduto said.

The public safety department declined to comment on the case.