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Dog owner attacked for second time in 2 weeks

PITTSBURGH — A woman who was attacked and stabbed while walking her dogs earlier this month was the victim of a second violent crime in Sheraden.

"He knocked me in the face with the gun. He hit me with the butt of the gun," Melissa Noftz said.

On Friday, Noftz said she was attacked at gunpoint in her own home by a man and woman who tried to steal her dogs, Jinx and Bella.

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Earlier this month, Noftz was attacked and stabbed several times while walking her dogs. She had nearly 100 stitches.

Two weeks later, she's again just out of the hospital, bruised and beaten. She said two people knocked on her door Friday asking about her dogs.


"They both came through at the same time, and she just started swinging at me," Noftz said. "The only thing I had was a bottle of antifreeze. I picked it up and just whipped it at them."

Noftz said Bella was stolen and put into the suspect's car while neighbors called 911.

"I tried to get her out of the car, and next thing, the girl is fighting me, he pulled out a gun saying he's going to shoot me," Noftz said.

Police were able to stop the car. Both suspects and the dog got out.

"There was a crowd of police, and I just tapped my leg and said, 'Bella, come,' and she came," Noftz said.

Channel 11 learned there were young children also in the car. Noftz said the man was handcuffed while still dressed in his work clothes.

"FedEx uniform with a gun in his waist. Couldn't believe it. Couldn't believe it," Noftz said. "It's not your dog. I'm not giving her up so easily. She saved my life the first time."

Both suspects, Lynette Thompson and William Thomas, were arrested and charged with dozens of crimes ranging from theft and criminal tresspasing to terroristic threats and carrying a loaded weapon.