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State of emergency: Parking lot washed away, businesses flooded in O'Hara Township

O'HARA TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A state of emergency has been declared in O’Hara Township after damaging flooding Monday night.

PHOTOS: Flooding causes extensive damage in O'Hara Township

Some of the most significant damage occurred in the area of Old Freeport Road, which was still covered in mud Tuesday morning. The road is closed.

The parking lot of Nancetta's Ristorante was ripped apart as Squaw Run Creek spilled over its banks.

“It was raging. It was up high. It was coming up above the road,” Deb Brandon, of O’Hara Township, said.


Large slabs and chunks of asphalt were carried away by the water. Some pieces ended up on Old Freeport Road and others were swept into the creek.

Nancetta's was just one of several businesses to take on water.

Fox Chapel Stone & Supply Inc. was flooded with about 3 feet of water, a worker told Channel 11 News.