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Steelers fans complain of long lines at Heinz Field

PITTSBURGH — While fans were excited to return to Heinz Field on Sunday, some complained of long lines getting into the stadium.

“The lines were getting a little bit hectic outside,” said fan Brett Crenshaw.

Angry attendees posted photographs on social media of fans bottlenecked outside the stadium. One tweet read: “...worst stadium in the NFL! It took almost the first quarter to get into the game..”

Channel 11 previously reported on the stadium transitioning to mobile ticketing only.

According to a Steelers spokesperson, fans were asked to download their tickets prior to arriving at the gate, but some did not, which caused the backups.

Crenshaw, however, said the concession lines were much longer than expected too.

“Oh there were people waiting in line for an hour... at some point, people just started giving up,” he said. “One of my buddies that was sitting next to me was like ‘I’ll just come back to the seat, can’t miss the game.’”

The stadium is also cashless this season, which may have been an adjustment for some of the 63,707 people in attendance.

A Steelers spokesperson told Channel 11 he expects things to go more smoothly for future games, reminding folks again to download their tickets before arriving at the gate, and to arrive early.