Students return to Woodland Hills High School with new rules after fights

PITTSBURGH — After four fights last week led to remote learning for Woodland Hills High School, students returned to the classrooms Monday with new rules.

About 30 students were involved in the fights, which happened throughout the day Wednesday, according to school officials. One large fight broke out in the cafeteria. Another fight involved girls who were friends.

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Students who were involved in the fights were suspended. Ten football players didn’t play in Friday’s game.

“Credible threats” resulting from the fights prompted the decision to have students learn remotely on Thursday and Friday.

“We want to get the students resettled, back into the building, because it was super disruptive last week. It was so disruptive, I had to close schools for two days,” Woodland Hills Superintendent James Harris said.

As students get back into their classrooms, there will be several items on their agendas over the next several weeks. That includes new strict guidelines, meetings and an assembly about the recent events.

“We’re not covering anything up. We’re not going light on them. They hurt a student, they hurt each other, and that’s not tolerable in here. And it hurts the other students who have to live in that type of environment,” Harris said.

School officials will enforce rules that include requiring students to be on time to class, not having cellphones or wearing headphones in hallways, and following the dress code -- which includes no hats, ski masks or hoodies pulled over the head.

Buses are being staggered so students aren’t backed up at the doors, and behavioral interventionists will be at the school.

There is also a new program, called “Positive Behavior Intervention Support Focus,” being introduced in an effort to get students to be prompt, prepared, polite, productive and proud.

A “No Hate Tour Assembly” is scheduled for Friday.