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Terrelle Pryor, girlfriend both plead guilty in stabbing incident at Heinz Lofts

PITTSBURGH — Former Jeannette High School football star and NFL wide receiver Terrelle Pryor and his girlfriend have both just pleaded guilty to charges related to a domestic incident at their apartment in 2019.

Pryor, 31, and Shalaya Briston were living at Heinz Lofts last November when police said Briston, 25, stabbed Pryor several times in his chest and arm after an argument, then drove him to the hospital for treatment.

Pryor pleaded guilty to harassment and received 90 days unsupervised probation, while Briston pleaded guilty to simple assault and received two years probation.

During the couple’s court appearance, they both asked the judge to lift their no contact order, telling him they love one another and want to be together. Pryor also asked the judge to have his firearms returned, which were seized by Pittsburgh police.

Mariani granted both requests, telling them he wants them to “live happily ever after if that’s what you want.”

However, he made it clear he won’t be so lenient if there is another incident.

Background on the incident

According to the police criminal complaint, officers were initially called to the Heinz Lofts apartments around 4:15 a.m. on Nov. 30 for a domestic disturbance call.

When police arrived, they found a trail of blood leading from Pryor’s apartment to the elevator and across the garage to his Mercedes Benz. Inside Pryor’s car, police said detectives found a semi-automatic Glock pistol with a flashlight on the front passenger seat.

Police said Briston and two other women drove Pryor to UPMC Mercy around 4:30 a.m.

While at the hospital, officers overheard one of the women talking into her smart watch about the alleged incident.

“She was just defending herself and had to do it,” one of the witnesses allegedly said. “The only reason I’m here was to make sure that he didn’t die. We should have just let him die.”

Inside the car that the women took Pryor to the hospital in, police said blood stains were “visible.”

Detectives later found out Pryor and Briston were involved in a relationship, and that they lived in the Heinz Lofts apartment together.

Witnesses described their relationship as very volatile, and witnesses told police that Pryor “always had his hands all over her.”

According to the criminal complaint, another witness told police the incident started when Briston and Pryor got into an argument in the hallway outside their apartment. It escalated, and once inside, police said Pryor knocked that witness to the floor.

Pryor then allegedly grabbed Briston and “began to tussle with her.” Police said it continued into the kitchen, and as witnesses were trying to break it up, Pryor backed away and grabbed his chest. He then ran out of the apartment while bleeding noticeably, according to police.

Police said Briston had a bruise on her nose and two broken fake nails.