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Three people injured in police chase that ended in crash in Fayette County


Three people are in the hospital Thursday night after a wild police chase through Fayette County.

An undercover vehicle was rammed by the suspect, Steve Deberry, 59.

"Heard the gunshot, there was a lot of shooting, it was like somebody was setting off firecrackers," said Gary Kisko, who witnessed what happened near his home in Fairchance. "They're yelling at him, 'Freeze, stop' and the guy backs up and I believe that's when he hit the cop,"

Police say Deberry led police on the pursuit throughout Uniontown, causing extensive property damage, injuring a nearby driver, hitting a Uniontown police officer and even harming himself.


They tell Channel 11 it took several attempts to try to stop him, but an officer did so by crashing into his Jetta along State Route 857, 6 miles from the West Virginia border.

"Deberry was consistently combative, even after being placed on the helicopter with emergency personnel," said Richard Bower, district attorney for Fayette County.

Neighbors tell Channel 11 police fired multiple gunshots at Deberry.

Police would not tell us how he was hurt, nor his condition, but he is being treated at a Uniontown hospital.

The officer and other driver are recovering from their injuries.


A police chase came to a violent end near Uniontown in Fayette County.

Parts of the road are closed at Route 857 and Chess Road in Haydentown, about 6 miles from the West Virginia border.

Reconstruction crews were at the scene Thursday afternoon.

A yellow tarp covered the hood and windshield of a black car. There were skid marks and debris on the road.

A medical helicopter transported someone from the scene.

Sources told Channel 11 authorities had been pursuing the black car.

Channel 11's Melanie Gillespie saw holes in the side panel of the car and is working to confirm if they are related to the chase.

Channel 11 has also confirmed the chase started in the city of Uniontown, before it moved into Fairchance and ended in a crash in Haydentown.

Police tell Channel 11 the suspect is Steve Deberry, 59, from Morgantown.

A Uniontown police officer was struck by a car. A person driving a car in Fairchance was also hit. Deberry was also taken to the hospital.

Stay with and Channel 11 News for updates on all of their conditions.