• Train, tractor-trailer collide in Springdale


    SPRINGDALE, Pa. - A tractor-trailer was hit by a train in Springdale Borough.

    The cab was totally separated from the rest of the truck.

    PHOTOS: Tractor-trailer, train collide in Springdale

    No one was injured.

    "I noticed the guard coming down on my roof, then I saw the train and jumped out," said Alan Jones, who was driving the truck.

    He was scheduled to deliver resin to the Springdale PPG plant, but the plant wasn't ready for him, so Jones headed across the tracks to wait in a drop lot.

    "The railroad tracks are way too steep and they caught the dolly legs," he said. "First going down the hill they bent, then when I was coming back I got hung up."


    He managed to get out before a Norfolk Southern freight train came barreling into the trailer carrying the resin.

    "If he was about a half a foot back further, the truck actually would be sitting in front of the train right now, so luckily he was half a foot away from any more serious damage," said Robert Patton, a patrolman with Springdale Borough Police Department.

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    Norfolk Southern told Channel 11 the train weighed more than 6,000 tons and it can take a train like that a mile or more to stop after the brakes are applied.

    Police say the resin posed no threat to the public.

    According to police, the resin did not pose any risk to the public.

    "I'm just glad it didn't rupture the tank and make a spill," Jones said.

    Police said no one will be charged.



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