US Attorney’s Office stepping in with harsher penalties after increasing number of guns at PIT

PITTSBURGH — The numbers keep increasing when it comes to firearms found at the security checkpoint at Pittsburgh International Airport. The U.S. Attorney’s Office is now getting involved with stiffer penalties for those who break the law.

“Unfortunately it looks like in 2021 we are on track to have a record breaking year in terms of the number of firearms discovered at the TSA checkpoint,” said Acting US Attorney for Western Pennsylvania Stephen Kaufman.

According to the Transportation Safety Administration, 27 guns, most of them loaded, were found at the airport’s checkpoint just this year.

“That’s pure foolishness. All they have to do is plan ahead and register it and they can carry it properly. It doesn’t slow anything down. It’s silly, stupid actually,” said traveler William Crock.

When it comes to why this keeps happening, TSA spokesperson Lisa Farbstein said it’s always the same answer, “I forgot.”

“They seem to remember where their wallet is or their keys, but they don’t remember where their deadly weapon is?” Farbstein said.

Now, if you’re caught with a gun at the checkpoint, Kaufman’s office is going to notify the sheriff and ask to get your concealed carry permit revoked.