Former NFL player, Jeannette native arrested for assault in Westmoreland County

PENN TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Former NFL player, Jeannette native arrested for assault in Westmoreland County Penn Township police are sorting through a wild chain of events that happened at a home in Jeannette, which resulted in former Jeannette football star and NFL player Terrelle Pryor charged with simple assault, harassment and charges of damaging property.

This is his second domestic run in with the law in two years.

According to court paperwork, Pryor allegedly assaulted a woman after a night of drinking.

The complaint says the victim told police the two were out at a bar in Oakmont, drinking earlier in the night. But at some point in the night the two left that bar and came back to Augusta Lane, where Pryor went inside the residence, and the victim told police she went to another bar in Murrysville.

Police say while at the bar Pryor called her phone more than 50 times and texted her 30 times. She told police she ignored all the texts and phone calls.

But it was when the victim says she came back to this residence that the fireworks started. The criminal complaint says when she got back to the house she went around the back of it to sit on some deck furniture as she was fearful of going inside because of Pryor.

“Was met at some point on the back porch by Terrell that’s where an argument ensued the conflict took place where we believe this assault took place,” explained Penn Township Police Chief John Otto.

Court paperwork says Pryor shoved her, then struck her across the face and head with an open hand. At that point criminal complaint says she ran from Pryor, who picked up a deck chair and threw it at her.

The court paperwork then says as the woman got into a car to drive away, Pryor threw pumpkins at the vehicle. And it was at that point she called 911. Once on the scene, police spoke with Pryor, who they say denied hitting the woman but did admit to throwing the pumpkins.

And after looking into the alleged victim’s background, we learned that this is the same woman Channel 11 reported was charged with stabbing two years ago at an apartment in the Heinz Lofts on the north side, after a domestic dispute.

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Pryor and Shalaya Briston were living at the Heinz Lofts in Pittsburgh when police said Briston stabbed Pryor several times in his chest and arm after an argument, then drove him to hospital for treatment.

Pryor pleaded guilty to harassment and received 90 days’ unsupervised probation, while Briston pleaded guilty to simple assault and received two years’ probation.

Now we’re told the victim in this case suffered an injury to her left eye.

He has a preliminary hearing scheduled for Oct. 19.