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Vice President Pence delivers keynote speech at Grove City commencement

Be fearless. That was the message from Vice President Mike Pence to graduates at Grove City College on Saturday.



As the keynote speaker for commencement ceremonies, Pence was greeted with loud applause when he took the podium. At one point during his speech, attendees gave him a standing ovation.

“You are called to lead fearlessly. Be men and women of integrity with a servant’s heart. Expect opposition and persevere. And, lastly, have faith,” he told graduates. "Grove City College of 2017, this is your day. The future is yours. Go get it. God bless you and may God bless the United States.”

PHOTOS: Vice President Mike Pence gives commencement speech at Grove City College

For most in attendance, they said it was an honor the vice president gave the keynote speech.

However, several dozen people showed up off-campus with signs protesting against Pence’s appearance at the private Christian liberal arts school. Protesters said Pence’s politics are not always in line with Christian teachings.

The overwhelming majority of students shook Pence’s hand as they walked across the stage, but a few walked past him.

The school is just one of three where the vice president will give keynote addresses this year.