Video shows moment man storms school bus full of children, yells racial slurs at driver

Video shows moment man storms school bus full of children, yells racial slurs at driver

PETERS TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Only Channel 11 can show you the moment a man boarded a Peters Township Elementary School bus full of children and yelled racial slurs at the driver last November.

Mark Ferrari was charged with ethnic intimidation.

On Tuesday, a judge sentenced Ferrari to two years of probation plus anger management after he pleaded guilty.

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At his sentencing, the grandfather of a 9-year-old boy told the judge, "My 9-year-old grandson was trapped on that bus with 17 other small children held captive and terrorized for a brief time. But a brief time can seem a lot longer for a child."

We blurred the kid's faces, but several are wide-eyed, others duck down like they're hiding and stay down until Ferrari leaves the bus.

In court, Ferrari read a statement, apologizing to the judge, students and parents:

I'm writing this letter to publicly apologize to you, the students and their parents.
I made a horrible mistake allowing my emotions to take over.
I felt frightened and felt panicked.
I used offensive language toward the bus driver.
Repeatedly reliving these details with my family and therapist; I believe it was road rage.
When I drove off the road I felt my life was in danger.
I wish I could take back my actions and I'm embarrassed I made the ugly remarks.
I should have never stepped onto the school bus.  That was not the proper way to handle it.
I used poor judgment in my state of fear and my anxiety took over.
I feel worse now that I have come to know there were children on that bus.
I wish to apologize to these children and their parents.