W. Pa. Diaper Bank trying to keep up with need during coronavirus pandemic

W. Pa. Diaper Bank trying to keep up with need during coronavirus pandemic

PITTSBURGH — Much like toilet paper and hand sanitizer, diapers can be hard to come by during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Western Pennsylvania Diaper Bank is trying to keep up with the need for families it regularly serves, plus many more new families.

“There’s growing need the longer people are out of work. The longer this pandemic goes on, the longer we’re going to see a need,” Cathy Battle, executive director of the Western Pennsylvania Diaper Bank, said.

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Serving 28 partner agencies, the diaper bank is the only one of its kind in western Pennsylvania.

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Last week, the diaper bank gave out 24,000 diapers, an increase of 5,000 diapers from its normal giveaway.

“We’ve been receiving calls from many families that need diapers, can’t afford them or can’t find them at this time,” Battle said.

Many of the calls have been from restaurant workers, and some are from school districts that want to include diapers with school lunch pickups.

Battle said she is concerned the bank could run out of diapers, having already missed a huge donation from a diaper company.

“We were scheduled for a shipment, but with the demand in the stores in the communities, we’re not able to get that shipment because they want to put diapers back in the stores,” Battle said.

Battle said she is trying to ration diapers given to the bank’s partner agencies.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help the Western Pennsylvania Diaper Bank. CLICK HERE to donate.

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