Weapon found near Pittsburgh school; student taken into custody

PITTSBURGH — A Pittsburgh Westinghouse student was taken into custody Friday morning after a weapon was found near school grounds, a Pittsburgh Public Schools spokesperson said.

The incident happened at Westinghouse Academy, more commonly known as Westinghouse High School.

The student was “behaving suspiciously in an area of the school grounds,” the spokesperson said.

Security staff confiscated a weapon during a search of the area.

Further information has not been made available.

“I was mad. Like what? I’m just now getting it. If it happened this morning, I should’ve got it this morning. I shouldn’t have gotten it at 11:00,” said Narre Giles.

Giles is a parent of a student at Westinghouse and was visibly upset at what unfolded Friday.

“They found a gun outside. They found it and that was basically it. It’s not even safe no more for our kids to be here. This school needs to be shutdown,” she said. “As parents we need to all come together and defuse the situation. It’s not going to happen if parents don’t come together.”