Woman forced student off the road in act of road rage, police say

Woman accused of nearly forcing student off the road in act of road rage heading to trial

LATROBE, Pa. — A woman accused of chasing down a teenage driver and hitting her car multiple times with her SUV is headed to trial.

Susan Barkley deliberately struck the girl’s car as she tried to pass on Youngstown Ridge Road in Latrobe, according to police.

Barkley kept following the teenage girl, police said.

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She intentionally hit her a second time in the parking lot of Sacred Heart Church in Youngstown, according to police, who said that caused the teenage girl to nearly hit a pine tree.

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Barkley then approached the girl’s car again at the next intersection, which is when police say she got out, started screaming and yelling at the girl and then punched her side view mirror.

It didn’t end until police said the girl pulled into the high school parking lot and waved a teacher down for help.

Barkley reportedly continued yelling until officers intervened and kicked her off the property. Her attorney couldn’t elaborate on the allegations, but said her time in court will come.

“We merely waived the preliminary hearing which is, as you know, where you don’t get a fair hearing at all, according to the law. We’ll wait for our day in court and address the matter up there," said defense attorney Brian Aston.

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