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Worker pinned between cars at White Oak car wash

WHITE OAK, Pa. — Quick-reacting police and bystanders rescued a worker who became pinned between two vehicles Monday at a White Oak car wash.

The incident happened at Double Car Wash on O'Neil Boulevard when one vehicle moved between two other, pinning the employee.

"The way he was pinned, was there two cars here and the Jeep was between them," said witness Robert Gindele. "So it was like it was like a screw and It just pinned him right in the middle."

A second worker was also injured.


It's not immediately clear why the vehicle moved or the severity of the workers' injuries.

Gindele said he was around the corner when he heard someone screaming for help. He and several others, including a pair of police officers, had to push the vehicle away in order to free the worker, who was taken to the hospital.

"Thank God that everything happened ... maybe the way it was, that these people were here at the time, they were to be able to save this man’s life," Gindele said.