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You could soon be able to stay in Buffalo Bill’s house from ‘Silence of the Lambs’

PERRYOPOLIS — For fans of ‘Silence of the Lambs’ which was released 30 years ago Sunday, the house where FBI Agent Clarice Starling finally caught Buffalo Bill will not just be available to tour — you’ll be able to spend the night.

The Fayette County home located at 8 Circle Street in Perryopolis sold recently, and the new owner plans to turn the home into a bed and breakfast, according to our partners at The Trib.

“It was just really something to witness, doing the walk-through with the Realtor,” said Chris Rowan, a New York City native, art director and prop stylist who recently bought the house.

Rowan said he plans to renovate parts of the home to match the film.

“With my background as an art director and prop stylist, I plan to recreate the well, have it fabricated and installed,” he said. “I’m not going to dig into the earth, but I want to install something along the lines of the film and give fans a pretty unique photo opportunity.”

Rowan is hosting a contest to choose who will be first to spend the night at the newly christened Buffalo Bill’s House. Anyone interested can enter via the social media links at through Feb. 26. A winner will be announced in March, and Rowan hopes to begin regular bookings “in a few months.”

“The home really did maintain its aesthetics from the film itself,” he said. “It’s not in the visually poor condition that Buffalo Bill kept it in, but all the places where he and Jodie Foster interacted are just the way you remember.”

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