48 babies born in 2 days at Texas hospital

FORT WORTH, Texas — Nurses at a Texas hospital were busy this past week as they delivered 48 babies in less than two days.

The nursery at Baylor Scott and White All Saints Medical Center starting filling with newborns Tuesday and within 41 hours, 48 babies were born, according to KTVT.


"There's always talk about full moon, we definitely had a big full moon this week," obstetrician Dr. Jamie Erwin told KTVT.

July, August and September are the most popular birth months in Texas. The fewest babies are born in February, according to KTVT.

Lamenshaney Harris had no idea there were so many other babies being born, while she was in labor for 18 hours giving birth to her son, Isaiah Johnson.

"I didn't even know, the staff was so calm," Harris told KTVT. "It was a tearful moment but it was joyful. I had a rush of joy. Motherhood is really life changing, you never know it until the baby is born."