5-year-old caught driving parent’s car on freeway was going to California to ‘buy Lamborghini’

OGDEN, Utah — A 5-year-old boy decided to take his parent’s car to California so he could buy a Lamborghini after his mother refused to get him one.

A trooper on I-15 near Ogden, Utah was preparing to pull over a speeding motorist when he noticed another vehicle weaving through lanes. The trooper told KTVX that he abandoned the pursuit to investigate what he believed to be a person with a medical issue.

The trooper said after he got the vehicle pulled over he was surprised to find that the person behind the wheel didn’t need assistance, but instead was a 5-year-old boy.

Police said that the boy was sitting on the front edge of the seat so he could keep the vehicle stopped while the trooper talked to him. The trooper immediately helped him put the SUV in park, and together they worked to contact the boy’s parents.

5-year-old pulled over on freeway

A five year old was pulled over on the freeway, said he was going Lamborghini Shopping

Posted by ABC4 Utah on Monday, May 4, 2020

The boy told the trooper he was upset and that he was going to California. He later told law enforcement officials that he planned to buy a Lamborghini when he got there.

“...He left home after an argument with mom, in which she told him she would not buy him a Lamborghini. He decided he’d take the car and go to California to buy one himself,” police told KJZZ in a press briefing.

The trooper also noted that the boy likely couldn’t see over the SUV’s steering wheel.

Fortunately, the boy only traveled two miles from his home. A sibling was supposed to be watching the child, according to police.

It’s not clear if the boy or his parents will be charged.